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The Hammer Time
How I got interested

Interested in the Man

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There is a couple reasons how I got into listening to MC Hammer, my cousin would sing that song just to make fun of it, and I thought it sounded cool so a couple of days later I was watching VH1 and seen him so i went and got one of his songs "U cant touch this" and thought it was great!. So from there on I started listening and asking my parents about him, I listened more to his music and heard other songs I liked so i bought his CDs and grew into the fan I am today. A couple of months ago he had a small concert after the hawks baskett ball game in georgia he had it and it was cool. I like his music because he sings about differnt things including from religion to everday life.


Some other great things about his music is that it is mostley clean music, there is hardley any cussing in his music and if there is it is not a really bad word. People dont understand about hammer he was one of hte rappers that started it all with dancing to. I dont think any pop artist or other singer could lay the dance moves like him he made his own dance called the chineese typwriter.

This is how i got into listening to MC Hammer

I would like to think MC Hammer for singing and giving me the motive to build this site.